Former Baby Mine w/ Elephant in the Room

by The Torches

"Former Baby Mine" (Verse 1) My baby wants a rose, From every ex she knows Who's thinking about her on Saint Valentine's Day But I am such a mess, I misplaced her address So former baby mine Don't expect no flowers from me (backing) My former baby mine, my former baby mine (Verse 2) What was that song you wrote? About a man whose heart you broke? Who then went and wrote a song that was all about you? But I am not so daft I can't get past a second draft So former baby mine Don't expect no verses from me (Solo) (Bridge:) And there she goes again Alone with all her friends While I am standing by Because I know that she is My former baby mine, my former baby mine (V3 key change) At parties on your arm, Candy to sweeten your charms But now I'm just a bit too sour for that (V4 key return) My baby wants to send Her ashes to every friend In memory of herself, after she's gone, after she’s (some variant to "when she is dead") But I know what I am, a sentimental man So former baby mine, don't send those ashes (repeat ad infinitum [or end with "to me"])


These two songs were recorded during the same sessions that will become the Torches' full length album released in 2012 but, for now, are exclusive to this release.


released April 11, 2012

Recorded by Hays Holladay and Nick Anderson. Mixed by Thomas Orgren.

"My Former Baby Mine" written by Stephen J. Perron Guidry (SESAC) and J. V. Toups. "Elephant in the Room" written by Stephen J. Perron Guidry (SESAC).

All songs arranged and performed by The Torches.




The Torches Washington

The Torches were cobbled together by Stephen J. Perron Guidry in the late winter of 2009 and are a ramshackle and revolving group that includes banjo, oboe, harmonica, cello, fiddle, several-part vocal harmony and cacophony, as well as some hollering and stomping.

The Torches played their first show without ever having all been in the same room at once.
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